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While many people understand that routine visits to dentists can protect their teeth, fewer understand the full implications oral health issues can have on their overall well-being. The team at TriBeCa Dental Associates can educate patients about the link between oral health and systemic diseases. We welcome patients to our offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn to provide preventative care that protects their smile and health.

Pathogenic oral bacteria 

Your mouth is a warm, moist place that offers everything bacteria need to survive and thrive. Still, with routine hygiene and dental visits, as well as a bit of help from your body’s natural defenses, decay and gum disease is entirely preventable. However, if you have a weakened immune system or don’t take proper care of your teeth, these cavities can form.

People with untreated oral health conditions are at an increased risk for a variety of chronic diseases. Issues with your teeth, gums, and jaw can increase your risk for sleep apnea, and the bacteria can travel throughout your body through your bloodstream. These bacteria have been linked to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, systemic inflammation, and pregnancy issues such as low birth weight. The sooner you address decay and gum disease, the easier it is to get treatment, and you can prevent widespread problems throughout your body.

Holistic treatments to support your health

Preventative care is fundamental to dentistry, and it can save you time and money in the process. Routine cleanings can rid your mouth of bacteria, plaque, and tartar, and combined with proper brushing and flossing, they can keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh for longer. Beyond that, there are a variety of additional preventive measures and therapies to support long-term oral wellness.

For example, ozone therapy can stimulate your body’s natural healing process and destroy pathogenic bacteria with a straightforward process. Ozone works as a powerful oxidizer that kills bacteria and stimulates blood flow to the treatment area. It can also support more robust, healthier teeth by remineralizing the tooth enamel and even reverse small dental caries before becoming cavities. We also offer dental sealants to seal out bacteria from vulnerable spots on your teeth and provide long-lasting protection from cavities.

The offices at TriBeCa Dental Associates are equipped with powerful diagnostic tools that we can use during every visit to screen your teeth and gums for issues as they begin. We have also invested in technology to enhance patient comfort and make each trip to the dentist more efficient and convenient, such as painless numbing injection using The Wand STA and same-day CERAC technology for natural-looking restorations. To learn more about how we can support your health, contact our offices in Manhattan at (212) 671-3749 and Brooklyn at (718) 618-9698 today to set up an appointment.


Dr. Bahram Hamidi DDS, NMD

Dr. Bahram Hamidi

Dr. Sara Shahi DDS, NMD

Dr. Sara Shahi

Dr. Cinzia Dinoi DDS

Dr. Cinzia Dinoi

At Tribeca Dental Associates, our incredible team assists patients to achieve beautiful smiles. Although our first focus is your comfort, we have specialists in every field of dentistry who care deeply about our patients. Hence, you can trust and be rest assured of our skills and expertise.

Our dedicated, courteous, and experienced doctors comprise Bahram Hamidi DDS, NMD, Sara Shahi DDS, NMD, Cinzia Dinoi DDS, and Neethi Dalvi DDS. They will be glad to assist you with all your dental health requirements.

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