Discover the benefits of biomimetic dentistry in New York and Brooklyn, NY

For decades, dentists relied on metal fillings and prosthetics to provide durable restorations for teeth damaged by decay or trauma. As technology continues to advance, new materials allow dentists to mimic your teeth’ properties better and help them conserve more of your natural tooth structure. The team at TriBeCa Dental Associates in New York offers biomimetic dentistry to restore your health and bring confidence back to your smile. We welcome patients to our offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn to remove infections and decay and provide complete functionality for their teeth.

The benefits of biomimetic restorative dentistry 

Many of the materials used in tooth restorations are stiff and more likely to break under pressure, and some of the metals may cause allergic reactions or put you at risk of mercury exposure. Biomimetic materials are designed with safe, nonreactive materials that better replicate the way your natural teeth bend and move as you chew. Not only do they blend in with your natural teeth for a seamless smile, they typically outlast other restorations.

Biomimetic dentistry also reduces the need for drilling and cutting your tooth structure down, which allows your dentist to take a much more conservative approach. Each material is considered carefully depending on the anatomy of the area the dentist is replacing. Enamel, dentin, and the site where the two join each have unique characteristics that allow your tooth to function properly and protect your dental pulp and tooth root from decay. With biomimetic dentistry, the different needs are taken into consideration when designing restorations and bonding them.  

Is the biomimetic dentistry approach successful?

Biomimetic restorations often eliminate the need for root canals and full coverage crowns because they rely on your existing tooth structure. Because they have a very high long-term success rate, they are often more cost-effective than traditional restorations. Patients can expect fewer dental visits for repairs or replacements, and the restorations are generally more comfortable in your mouth.

While our practice’s goal is to prevent the need for intervention, when you do need advanced care, we will work to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible so your teeth can stay healthier for longer. To learn more about our biological approach, contact our office in Manhattan (212) 671-3749 or Brooklyn (718) 618-9698 today to set up an appointment. 


Dr. Bahram Hamidi DDS, NMD

Dr. Bahram Hamidi

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Dr. Sara Shahi

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Dr. Cinzia Dinoi

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