Periodontal Therapist

Janelle, a Chattanooga native, holds a B.S. in Dental Hygiene from Loma Linda University and a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute. Merging her passion for healthcare and the arts, she channels creativity, precision, and meticulousness into patient care at TriBeCa Dental Associates. 

Committed to excellence, Janelle continually expands her expertise in laser therapy, guided biofilm therapy, salivary testing, and microscope biofilm testing, just to name a few. Her patient-centric approach focuses on understanding individual health goals, ensuring not only dental but overall well-being.


Dr. Bahram Hamidi DDS, NMD

Dr. Bahram Hamidi

Dr. Sara Shahi DDS, NMD

Dr. Sara Shahi

Dr. Cinzia Dinoi DDS

Dr. Cinzia Dinoi

At Tribeca Dental Associates, our incredible team assists patients to achieve beautiful smiles. Although our first focus is your comfort, we have specialists in every field of dentistry who care deeply about our patients. Hence, you can trust and be rest assured of our skills and expertise.

Our dedicated, courteous, and experienced doctors comprise Bahram Hamidi DDS, NMD, Sara Shahi DDS, NMD, Cinzia Dinoi DDS, and Neethi Dalvi DDS. They will be glad to assist you with all your dental health requirements.

We have the right team and the excellent work ethic to ensure you are adequately cared for from start to end.