Many conditions can impact the smile’s health, and we’re not just talking about cavities and gum disease. Other problems such as bruxism or TMJ/TMD can cause dental issues as well. Bruxism is a condition that makes patients clench and grind their teeth. That is often problematic as it can cause unwanted wear and tear on the teeth and even break dental restorations. TMJ/TMD may also be an issue with poor dental bite alignment and coexisting problems such as bruxism. At TriBeCa Dental Associates, Brooklyn, NY area, patients will find that nightguards are best for protecting the smile and reducing tension caused by both of these conditions.

What is a dental nightguard?

 Wearing a mouthguard is strongly encouraged for patients who are part of high-contact and high-impact sports. It is worn to protect the teeth. The same applies to dental nightguards. The nightguard is a customized plastic appliance that patients can use to protect the smile from TMJ/TMD or teeth grinding. It also reduces pressure on the TMJ joint, which is often sore and painful in patients with more severe cases of temporomandibular joint disorder. With the help of our dental staff at TriBeCa Dental Associates, patients can relieve discomfort and keep their smiles healthy with a custom nightguard from our practice.

When should I wear my nightguard?

 As the name suggests, nightguards are often worn while people sleep. That is because bruxism is often a problem during the night and occurs because patients do not have control over it. Because the appliances are made of comfortable medical-grade plastic, they are easy to wear and care for. Patients should wear them as directed to protect their smiles.

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