Technologies That Will Shape The Future Of Dentistry


CBCT technology is the gold standard for dental imaging. Our practice is dedicated to delivering the best dental care, and we are excited to welcome the Sirona GALILEOS 3D CBCT Scanner into our practice.


Dentists can use CAD and CAM to design personalized fits for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and other dental restorations. Your dentist can give you the most accurate restorations possible using CAD/CAM technology.


CEREC is a system for repairing broken teeth that uses a metal-free, high-grade ceramic material and may be done in a single visit to the doctor's office. It strengthens and beautifies your teeth while keeping them appearing natural.

Intraoral Scanner

Our intraoral scanner is a compact, portable instrument that is incredibly easy to manipulate in your mouth, allowing even the most difficult-to-reach parts accessible. High-definition, full-color 2D and 3D photos are generated.


CariVu uses unique transillumination technology to detect cavities and flaws in your teeth. CariVu uses safe, near-infrared light to provide your doctor with an almost transparent image of your teeth to detect structural irregularities and carious lesions.


The VELscope screening device comprises a unique white light source and observation scope that allow your doctor to examine the tissues within your mouth more precisely.

Oral Cancer Screening System

The Wand® STA

Our practice offers the Wand STA Single Tooth Anesthesia Device, which is a computer-controlled dental-injection system that is one of the most efficient ways to numb an area due to its gradual, consistent release of anesthetic.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays provide various sophisticated imaging alternatives that save time, produce sharper dental photographs, and expose patients to less radiation than conventional X-ray equipment.