Find treatment for Occlusal Disease in New York – Brooklyn NY

Uneven wear and tear on your teeth caused by occlusal disease can increase your risk for tooth fractures and TMJ dysfunction. The dentists at TriBeCa Dental Associates offer treatment for unbalanced bite, dental crowding, and bruxism to shield your teeth and keep your smile looking its best.

What is occlusal disease?

Occlusal disease is the uneven wear and tear of your teeth that can weaken your enamel. Patients with occlusal disease may deal with more cavities, jaw pain and headaches, gum recessions, and tooth chips and fractures. Issues with your teeth and jaw can also increase your risk for snoring and sleep apnea, restricting you from getting enough sleep at night. Occlusal disease can have various causes, but the most common is an uneven bite or teeth that don’t fit together correctly.

Occlusal disease may be easy to dismiss as normal aging or wear and tear, but it is something we screen for as part of our routine exams. Diagnosis is made by a bite evaluation and physical exam, and digital imaging with x-rays or CT scans. If we find signs of occlusal disease, we can work with you to improve your oral health and prevent your teeth from wearing down.

Treating occlusal disease 

Treatment for your condition will depend on the underlying causes. Your dentist may need to address decay and gum disease affecting your oral posture or recommend orthodontics to straighten teeth and jaw. Our office is equipped with a 3D printer to plan your occlusal therapy and provide you with your aligners without passing on the cost of the middleman to you. Because our aligners are created in the office, we can also deliver them sooner so you can begin your treatment promptly.

Patients with bruxism can benefit from an occlusal guard to protect their teeth from nighttime grinding and improve their jaw positioning to reduce stress on their joints. Our team will educate you on how we can improve your oral health and guide you through the treatment plan that can get the results you need to find relief. To learn more, contact one of our offices in Manhattan at (212) 671-3749 or Brooklyn at (718) 618-9698 to set up your consultation today.