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Not everyone who needed braces as a kid got them, but thanks to advancements in orthodontics, adults can get the same benefits from orthodontic treatment, in many cases without the traditional metal brackets and wires. The dentist at TriBeCa Dental Associates in New York, NY, offers a smile analysis to evaluate your condition and plan the proper treatment for you. We welcome patients to our offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan to find out if our in-house made clear aligners can deliver the picture-perfect smile they’ve been dreaming of.

Smile analysis in orthodontics

As a child, your baby teeth work as guideposts for your adult teeth. However, the way you chew your food, the kind of food you eat, and issues like tooth decay or gum disease can affect the development of your teeth, jaw, and facial muscles. Additionally, some genetic factors can lead to dental crowding or poor bite alignment. Correcting these issues can reduce your risk of tooth decay, TMJ issues, snoring and sleep apnea, and uneven wear and tear on your teeth. While most dentists prefer to treat these problems in adolescents, adults can still benefit from orthodontic treatment.

During a smile analysis, we will perform a physical exam of your face, teeth, and jaw, as well as using diagnostic equipment such as cone beam CT scans and x-rays to determine the extent of your condition. If we find an issue that needs to be addressed, we will discuss all of your options and form a treatment plan to help you achieve a better smile.

How orthodontic treatment works 

Most patients can get straighter teeth and improve their bite alignment using clear, removable trays that allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and remain virtually invisible throughout the day. At TriBeCa Dental Associates, we offer in-house planning and create your aligner trays using our 3D printer. These trays work by applying steady pressure to your teeth and jaw to move them into the optimum position. You will wear each tray for about two weeks, and as you progress from one tray to the next, you will begin to notice a gradual improvement.

With aligner trays, you’ll only need to come into the office once every six weeks, and adjusting your treatment is as simple as printing new trays to reach a better alignment. To learn more about how our Smile Analysis can help, contact our offices in Manhattan (212) 671-3749 or Brooklyn (718) 618-9698 today to set up a consultation.


Dr. Bahram Hamidi DDS, NMD

Dr. Bahram Hamidi

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Dr. Sara Shahi

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Dr. Cinzia Dinoi

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